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Stock Photos

More than 50 photographs are shown for rights managed license of images or for print purchase of the pictures. These are not royalty free. Please call Alan at 902-981-5323 for licensing or prints of the photos. Because I manage my own stock, my licensing fees are lower than industry standard.

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Golden Gate Bridge with beach walker and German Shepard dog


San Francisco Market Street and the Ferry Terminal from Twin Peaks

San Francisco

Santa Clara Office Building

Silicon Valley

San Jose city downtown, Silicon Valley, 2005 with coastal range and foothills

San Jose

Mountain View City Hall and Center for the Performing Arts

Mountain View

Apartment Building with Magnolia Flowers


Grove of Trees on green hillside near Mt Hamilton, San Jose, California in the spring Warning Tactile Bumps on a CalTrain Station platform


CalTrain and Cyclist Early Morning Silhouette


Autumn colors in trees and bushes


San Francisco Skyscrapers at Sunset from the Embarcadero


Abstract Weathered Warning Yellow Paint on Concrete


Rolling hills, green with spring, near San Jose, California


Yosemite Valley with Storm Clouds Clearing


Snowy Egrets, Palo Alto Baylands wildlife preserve


San Francisco Bay Bridge, UC Berkeley (UCB)


Surfer Crests a Wave at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California