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About MonitoPhoto

Map showing two zones for Halifx-Dartmouth
 Area photography, also Nova Scotia

This site showcases the photographic services and pictures of Alan Marr, doing business as MonitoPhoto, located in Halifax-Dartmouth.

Photographic Services for Halifax, Dartmouth, HRM and Nova Scotia

I provide the following services with an emphasis on quality:

  • On-location portraiture. Specialization includes high school seniors. Portraits are custom-made after consulting with you about your interests, personality, and favorite locations.
  • Architecture: including exterior and interior, and fine real estate, exteriors and interiors, and industrial.
  • Rights-managed stock photos on a wide variety of subject matter and topics.
  • Tutoring and Consulting, including buying decisions.

Prints and Stock Photos

Some popular keywords on this site are: Landscapes, California, San Francisco, and Yosemite.

About these Web Pages

To build these web pages I wrote a Java program that uses a database to manage my stock of photographs. The program writes HTML code that is then processed by some Perl programs I wrote to produce the stock photo pages which are then automatically combined with the other pages, which I hand-coded in HTML. This allows me to modify photo details, add new pictures, edit pages, and then rebuild the whole site with two clicks.