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Alan Marr, Photographer

I have a lifetime of experience and interest in photography, images, vision, and computer graphics. My influences include Eugène Atget, Henri Cartier-Bresson, W. Eugene Smith, Yousuf Karsh, Philippe Halsman, Arnold Newman, Ansel Adams (of course) and Edward Weston. You can see some examples of my work in my stock photos organized by keywords.


I am committed to working carefully and methodically to produce high quality results in a timely and professional way. I work personally with my clients to fully understand their wishes and provide creative custom-made results that meet high standards.

Some personal history

I have always been visually oriented. As a child I bought myself an Instamatic and a Polaroid Swinger camera with my earnings from my paper route. That lead to an intense involvement in photography in my high school years as yearbook editor and photographer. I was able to completely revamp the stodgy style of previous yearbooks, increase the number of pages by 50 percent, and more than double the use of photographs.

I took a job working in a camera store for a year before going on to study photography at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (now Ryerson University) in Toronto, Canada.

Then I became fascinated by programming and obtained an honors degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, with additional coursework in engineering and signal processing. That lead to work in computer music and psychoacoustics, and then digital film sound editing at Lucasfilm. From there I had an extended period of work on computer graphics software, including writing the painting (rendering) microcode for the first Sun Microsystems graphics processor. After that I worked for a startup, made an early web site or two, did some programming for psychological training, and tutored a variety of subjects including chemistry, physics and mathematics.

I have never lost my deep interest and passion for imagery. The wheel turned full circle when my love of photography was reignited by the changeover in the industry to digital imaging. Digital cameras are rather like that early Polaroid which gave such immediate feedback. A great way to learn and to re-vitalize!

After many years in California, I have returned to Nova Scotia, more enthusiastic than ever.