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Rights-Managed Stock Photos, Pictures and Images; Licensing

Alan Marr's photographs are available for licensing for use in magazines, newspapers, periodicals, and textbooks. Other uses of these pictures include CD covers, book covers, book illustrations, websites, and advertising.

A variety of terms can be negotiated. My rates are a little lower than industry standard rates because I run this web site and do not have to pay agency commissions. However, do not expect absurdly low prices or bargain rates. I maintain a stock of photographs online, and often there are other versions of the picture available for licence upon request from my image bank. Please call if you would like to see more images from my photo archive. I also do stock photography on commission which may work out to be a way to obtain a specific image without paying full day rates.

Licenses are limited to the terms of the agreement as negotiated. Other usage is prohibited. Do not expect to buy the image outright. These are not royalty-free photos and this is not a microstock site. Some degree of exclusivity is negotiable for a price. Licenses are typically limited in time.

Terms may be limited to one geographic region, such as North America or Europe, or one country, or may be world-wide. Limiting the means of distribution is another way to get a better rate. Large print runs will incur higher costs for the license.

Editorial usage does not require a model release or property release, but advertisements and commercials need them where there are people or property that is featured. Each image page here indicates if a release is available.