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Photography Tutor, Tutoring and Consulting

Isn't photography great! You can use it casually or you can make art with it. You can get a lot of satisfaction from it and at the same time always have room to improve.

What help would you like with photography?

  • Advice on what camera or lenses or other equipment to buy
  • Make better pictures of friends and family
  • Better vacation pictures
  • Create more artistic photographs, including picture critiquing
  • Practical guidance during field trips
  • Photography appreciation as a fine art, and the history of photography
  • Use photography for business or technical purposes
  • Solve a specific image or photography problem
  • Understanding the technology of photography
  • Wanting to get the most out of a particular lens or piece of equipment

These questions may puzzle you at various times. It is important to get them resolved so that you can get the greatest satisfaction from photography, accomplish specific goals, or get the most benefit from keeping within a budget.

I'm Alan Marr and I can get you the answers you need. I am an experienced teacher / tutor and a trained working photographer. I personally enjoy teaching and tutoring and provide a pleasant friendly atmosphere for learning. Call me at 902-981-5323 to arrange a meeting or online tutoring or photo critiquing.

I have great flexibility in the times I can be available for tutoring, including evenings and weekends. I will try to schedule my work around agreed upon sessions, but I ask for understanding if assignments or opportunities conflict with a scheduled session. You might like to look at my tutorial about how to process a difficult photograph, in this case a picture of mine of the Queen Mary 2 oceanliner docking in San Francisco.

Small Groups

I would be pleased to tutor small groups of friends and acquaintances of up to five people, and in some cases I could teach small classes. My basic rate is $60 for a 90 minute session, with only $10 for each additional person. This becomes economical and cost-effective for small groups. Field trips are particularly effective for small groups.

Picture Critiquing

Together we can critique your pictures in a friendly supportive way. The objective is to find practical ways you can improve your picture making. All aspects can be looked at, such as composition, lighting, timing, and technical issues such as depth of field, shutter speed, exposure and post-processing.

Critiquing can be in person at $60 for a 90 minute session and can be combined with other photographic tutoring. Alternatively, it can be done by telephone, by email, by online uploads, or by regular mail at a rate of $25 for a half hour and $40 for an hour.

Field Trips

A great way to learn and improve photographic skills is with short field trips that can be as close as your garden, or can be at a place mutually agreed on in the area, such as a park.

Guided Purchasing

If you are contemplating a major purchase I can offer guidance in person or by phone or other means of communication. I can find your objectives by interview and then suggest appropriate systems and equipment including cameras, lenses, and software.